SHAWN CARON Energy Consultant | HERS | Green Building Rater
Shawn joined SOLDATA in August 2014 with five years experience as an energy consultant, HERS rater and Green Building rater, prior to which he worked as a licensed residential real estate appraiser. Shawn’s work at SOLDATA primarily focuses on residential Title 24 compliance and Green Building consulting, as well as HERS and Green Building rating.

Shawn is certified by the California Association of Building Energy Analysts (CABEC) as both a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) and Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) for residential projects, and a CEPE for non-residential projects. He is also a CalCERTS certified HERS II whole house rater, and certified Green Point Rater for new residential construction and existing multifamily construction.

Shawn graduated from Sonoma State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Environmental Studies & Planning and Energy Management & Design.