In addition to the required 2019 Title 24 Energy Code that will begin January 1, 2020, All Electric Reach Codes are being considered by a number of local jurisdictions including the Cities of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Cloverdale and Windsor. The levels codes being considered are All Electric Reach, All Electric Ready and All Electric Favored. Each would be required for new single-family and low-rise residential buildings. The goal of these measures is a deeper reduction of greenhouse gas emissions beyond that achieved through the standard energy code requirements.

The All Electric Reach code would require the use of only high efficiency electric appliances, including the space conditioning, cooking and fireplace (if applicable).

The All Electric Ready Reach code would require buildings to be wired and prepared for a future switch from gas (natural or propane) to electric appliances.

The All Electric Favored Reach code would allow gas or propane appliances, but would require CALGreen Tier 1. This would require an increase in efficiency of approximately 10-20% beyond the 2019 Energy Code standard, which is already estimated to be approximately 30 -50% more stringent than the 2016 Energy Code. The “Favored” Reach Code would, for all intents and purposes, push the majority of new homes towards the all-electric option.